Are you looking for a low pitch mechanical keyboard? Are you looking for a keyboard that will allow you to work both wired and wireless? If so then Aurora K-6 is for you! The keyboard has a beautiful LED backlight. The illuminated keys are grouped into blocks marked with colors, which makes the work much easier. The keyboard has a full N-Key Rolover. Thanks to this, it will satisfy every player. The possibility of blocking the Win + L combination will prevent accidental blocking of the computer at the least appropriate moment during the game.

The K-6 uses red low-profile switches with a long service life of up to 50 million presses. The key travel is only 2.5 mm and the activation level is 1.5 mm. The pressing force of the key is 40 g. All this means that it will not miss a single click. The keyboard allows you to choose one of three ways to connect to the computer. You can use the included USB-C cable or use a wireless connection in 2.4 GHz or Bluetooth radio technology. Don't be limited! The choice is yours!

Manfacturer code IKGMK6
Keyboard layout QWERTY
Keyboard type Mechanical Low Profile
Switch type KRGD Red Switch
Actuation force 40 grams
Stroke height 2,5 mm
Pressing distance 1,5 mm for activation
Key lifetime 50 million clicks
N-Key Rollover Yes
Multimedia keys Yes (Fn with F1 to F12)
Numeric keys Yes
Backlight Yes
Number of keys 104+7
Wrist pad No
Interface USB-C/2,4GHz/Bluetooth
Cable lenght 1,6 m
Colour Black
Dimensions 432 x 126 x 30,1
Supported systems Windows 7/8/10, Android, Mac

User's manual

Software v 1.0.5 (spakowane ZIP, wielkość 2 MB)