A special, very wide pad created for the most advanced players, enabling placing both a mouse and a keyboard on it. The dimensions and special longitudinal shape of the pad make it fit very well on any desk. The width of the pad (80 cm) allows you to place the mouse and keyboard on it, and its depth (30 cm) makes it fit perfectly on the desk and will not interfere with the position of the monitor. Thanks to such dimensions it will be your favorite mouse pad. In addition, the pad has fiber optic backlight on the edge. It was made of rubber and high quality canvas giving greater control and precision of indicator movement. Thanks to the embroidered edges, it is resistant to fraying. Works with both optical and laser sensors.

Manufacturer code IMPG5
Size 800 x 300 x 3 mm
Backlight Yes
Power supply USB 5V --- 150mA
More informations 9 colors and 3 pulsing modes