HDMI 2.0

High Speed HDMI 2.0 cable (compatible with previous versions) allows streaming video Ultra HD / 4K. It is higher image quality from digital media, optical or transmission. 60Hz enables a smooth video games on consoles. HDMI 2.0 include dual video and audio (up to 4 tracks) on the same screen and supports 21:9 video aspect ratio. It also features updated list of CEC for pilots (two-way communication system allows you to control up to 10 connected devices). Cable Braided, blue. Gold-plated.

Manufacturer code ITVFHD04
Type High Speed HDMI
Version 2.0
Max resolution supported 4096 x 2160
Cable length 1,5 m
Colour Blue
Description •    Bandwidth 18Gbps
•    60fps 4K (2160p)
•    32 audio channels
•    Up to 1536kHz audio sample frequency
•    Dual video streams
•    Multi-stream audio (up to 4)
•    Support for 21:9 video aspect ratio
•    Dynamic synchronization of video and audio streams
•    Updated CEC extensions