Excellent gaming headphones with a rich 7.1 sound and RGB backlight. The remote control allows you to turn off the microphone when it is not needed, increasing the privacy of the player. In addition, there is a sound mute button and a volume control knob. The controller also allows only the backlight of the headphones.

The Aurora X10 headphones isolate well from the environment, allowing you to focus on the game. They have large comfortable earpieces and the sound transducer has a diameter of 50 mm.

The headphones have multi-colored RGB backlight. The headphones are connected to the computer via a USB cable.


Manufacturer code SHPIX10MV
Type Headphones
Sound system 7.1
Cable lenght 2 m
Plug type USB
Volume control Yes
Microphone Yes
Microphone sensivity -38 ± 3dB
Speaker size φ50mm
Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz
Sound pressure level 117 ± 5 dB
Impedance 32Ω
Colour Black
Weight 340 g